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by Corey M. Bickford & The Newlyweds

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A collection of selected songs.


released May 10, 2015

Recorded here and there at my apartment in Grand Rapids MI.



all rights reserved


Corey M. Bickford & The Newlyweds Grand Rapids, Michigan

Simple & sentimental.

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Track Name: Egocentricism
I need a clean page and a clear head
not a borrowed pen and a paper napkin
I need to figure out who I am
devoid of wet lips and a caring hand

I need a clean break and a clear road
to burn bright and set fire to this paper tiger
I need to feel better when I'm alone
to be of any value to the folks that I know
Track Name: My Hand Around Your Neck
I checked into a room
tried to figure some things out
Maybe the answers not in me?
Maybe I need some help

I heard sirens coming for me
Maybe they know something about
the things I did in my sleep
that I just can't get my head around

I'm afraid of the wolf hunting in my psyche
Is he gunning for the fox?
Can they coexist inside me?
Track Name: Dishonesty As Self-Care
An uncomfortable mattress
stale coffee & little sleep
we are present and focused
there is nowhere I'd rather be

You pretend to be sleeping
so I wouldn't move my arm
You don't need an alibi for me

An uncomfortable talk
I've been avoiding for weeks
we're both so hopeful and flawed
there is only one true thing

I pretend to be sleeping
as you hit your alarm
and roll back into me

I'd rather be sleeping
I don't mean any harm
I'm just looking out for me
Track Name: Selena's Hand's
Selena never let me share her bed
she'd kiss me on the mouth
and she'd whisper in my ear
and she'd shove my hand into her pants
when she'd had a couple of beers

but not once did she let our fingers lace
she'd fuck me in her shower, but never kiss me on the face

Selena said that she went off her meds
I still see her around
the differences are clear
and I don't feel disenchanted,
no, i will always hold her dear

not once did she let our fingers lace
she didn't fuck me over - no, I always knew my place
Track Name: Reason's to Stay
I’ve been coming up with reasons to stay
I’m not scared to move or admit defeat
I’m prepared to lay myself on display
I don’t fear my flaws, or much of anything

I know that I’m exhausting
& I know you need your rest
I’d just like to feel your head on my chest
to replace the weight of this goddamn mess

My friends all say it’s best I leave this place -
I just don’t see that as best for me
Through uncertainty, I just can’t shake this
Maybe in time … we’ll see, I guess
Track Name: The Details
If I believed in fate,
I would see you in a different way

The devil is in the details,
but the devil, he was an angel

So when I look at your sins, seraphim,
I just want to know a bit better

where have you been?